09/14/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

C'est La Vie, But What Is That?

In seven months, Le Huffington Post has taken its place in the media, mainly covering political, economic and cultural issues. The presidential election and the debt crisis have made the initial part of 2012 a real turning point in history, naturally rich with news. Le Huffington Post's identity is founded on this, and we intend to continue our innovative reporting of these fundamental issues. However, the time has come for us to cover new subjects, which is why we're launching "C'est La Vie" this Friday, September 14th.

Journalists should ask questions that are not necessarily on the political agenda, those that are more closely related to everyday life, especially those regarding its most recent developments.

Today, perhaps more than ever, things change at breakneck speed. Since its launch, Le Huffington Post has always sought to report the news in its newest form, never missing the start of a trend. Le Huffington Post will do so now, focusing on areas as diverse as education, health care, welfare, and recreation:

-- A toddler can now instinctively drag pictures across a screen, but handles a printed image much less intuitively. Does his perception of the world around him remain the same?

-- Worn by extensive prescription drug use with endless lists of side effects, the French are moving away from traditional medicine to explore new visions of wellbeing. How can we choose among all of these alternative methods of treatment? Does this not create a question of control?

-- Smartphones now make it possible to contact employees 24 hours a day. How can we manage sleep, rest and our ability to disconnect under these conditions?

-- Unable to do something for our souls, department stores and magazines have a mission to save our bodies. Exercise is presented as a panacea, and meat the ultimate poison. Does the excess of good conscience not have its faults as well? Where is the fun in this?

But thanks to freedom of thought, progress, and new technology, life changes (as well as the way in which we communicate about it). We are, therefore, on a mission to report differently, to surprise you by both substance and style, and to make you discover what makes daily life today and what will make it tomorrow.

That's life.