05/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tweenbot and the Awesome Power of Empathy (Video)

I'm always proud when someone at ITP, of which I'm an alumni, does something awesome that spreads virally.

Check out the empathy that this little bot charms out of everyone!

It reminds me of why Twitter was so well named and that little Fail Whale that become almost equally famous. In fact, the Fail Whale fan club is the number 1 Google result.

Which reminds me of the week or so after Google first launched. Inktomi and Infoseek and Altavista and then this badly designed logo with no graphic design work and when I first saw it I actually felt this well of empathy for the poor guys trying to do it. Yeah - I blew that one, but I think I've finally had my ah-ha as I watch Tweenbot struggle to cross a park and make it.

Tech inventions become art when they produce an emotion or sentiment. And what better emotion to produce than empathy! The little Linux Penguin that people helped along its way, and the hopelessness of Wikipedia at start.

Now that I think about it, on Easter here as a Catholic born in Mexico married to a Bulgarian. Jesus Christ! If you want to change the world or you at least you would like to follow where the world is changing - look out for evidence of mass empathy. This little TweenBot obviously isn't going to rule or change the world, but it's a great illustration of how it actually happens.