09/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Are You Chasing Life or Letting it Come to You?

Michael Jordan was a star player for the Chicago Bulls. He won scoring titles and most valuable player recognitions, but his team could not seem to win a National Basketball Association (NBA) championship. Phil Jackson, his coach, could see that he was chasing the game. He said to Michael, "Let the game come to you." Phil taught him to be centered which created a vortex that brought the game to him, instead of chasing the game. Once he began to let the game come to him, his team got involved, and instead of him chasing opposing players, they used their energy to chase him. Suddenly the Bulls' game expanded to another level and they won championships.

Are you chasing life and overshooting the rhythm and flow? Are you working hard and yet the magic is not happening? Do you wonder why others succeed and don't seem to be working as hard? First ask yourself if you are fully trained in life. Do you understand the game of life, or the endeavor in life you are pursuing? First, like Michael Jordan, you have to understand how life works as he understood the game of basketball. If this is so, now notice are you always running past opportunities, then having to double back only to find the opportunity has closed. If so, you are chasing life instead of letting life come to you. Stop, and work on becoming centered in yourself until you feel the joy of living in your heart. Master each breath, still your mind and walk as if you are dancing with an invisible lover. 

The "Life Force" is infusing us in every moment; often we are too busy looking ahead to notice.

Unleash your talent from the chase, and deepen how you live in the present. Then dance with the rhythm and flow as it comes to you, and with a slight move, redirect it, and like magic your life and life itself will expand.