01/07/2011 02:57 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

CNN Heroes: Find Your Soul's Purpose

Recently we watched CNN's tribute to heroes who found their soul's purpose in helping relieve the suffering of humanity, each in their own way: building bridges over dangerous rivers for African tribespeople, bringing solar lights to children who want to learn in remote corners of our world, and saving young women from sex slavery and giving them a new life. Yet most of us sit here only watching. Our hearts soften and our eyes tear, but what should we do?

What Should We Do?

Imagine a world where our wealthiest countries turn their power away from war and consumption to lift people out of suffering. We could build one or two less grand buildings and help millions of people live a better life. On a local level, a few acts of random kindness, like a smile to a stranger, and forgiveness of others and ourselves are important. I encourage my readers to reach out in this new year to help make our world a better place, and to remember the Golden Rule: "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

First, Love Yourself

To quote a song, "Learning to love ourselves in the greatest love of all." If we cannot love ourselves, it is hard to love our neighbors both near and far. If we distrust ourselves, we will distrust others. If we hate ourselves, we will hate others. Before we feel guilty for not being heroes ourselves, remember that the first step to loving others is to forgive our own sins. Clearing our hearts of self-judgment helps us see the light in everyone's eyes. Be compassionate with yourself as you approach the new year. Free your heart of the burdens your mind has created. As the heartache clears, see what mission calls out to you from your soul.

Touched by Moments of Grace

I have been fortunate to remember many times when I was touched by moments of grace. My purpose is being a reminder to all I touch that there is a natural genius and loving spirit within every being. In plain and simple words, I will always remind people of the times when they were touched by moments of grace and experienced "The Flow of Heaven."

Find Your Soul's Purpose

Sit in a quiet place and write down all the times you have been touched by grace all the way back you your childhood. Find moments when beauty filled you and you felt connected to the world around you. Find moments like this that you may have discounted, and write them down in a journal, then share them with people you trust. Build a catalogue of your peak experiences. In doing this try feeling your soul's message to you this year, and look for the light in peoples eyes even when it is covered with their masks of sorrow, fear and hate.

See the Light in Others

Psychologists say we only share one in 12 appreciative thoughts that we have about people. Describe the beauty you see in people more often. Get up to three thoughts out of 12 shared this year, and you will see the light in yourself brighten. As we love others, we learn to love ourselves. It is the circle of life that all great teachers have talked about for thousands of years. But most important, learn to love the spirit of the divine that comes into you through your heart and soul, and find your soul's purpose in this world.

Special Thanks

I send out a special thanks to all the famous and wealthy people in our world who use their fame and wealth to help others. Hearing about your works on CNN and other programs truly touches my heart, and inspires me to help in my own small way. I cannot name them all, but you know who you are. God bless each and every one of you. Wishing you all a happy new year.