03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Existential Crisis: Our Business Frameworks Are Not Working

In a recent interview with CNBC Joshua Cooper Ramo, author of The Age of the Unthinkable explained that the world has reached an existential crisis. He said that the complexities have reached a level that is beyond our ability to solve them. The mission of Genius Stone, my community of leaders, is to increase worldwide productivity by helping people stimulate the natural creativity and genius inherent in everyone. Unleashing genius is the only solution that will work.

With the debt levels at record highs after a series of bubbles and crashes based on financial re-engineering, which are getting progressively worse, it is time to end the cycle of these false economies and create economies with services and goods that provide sustainable benefits to mankind. We need to seriously examine what is valuable to the world and build economic systems that reward people and companies for creating that value, otherwise the next collapse will be even more dramatic.

There is no time for delay, Genius Stone leaders must become living examples of sustainable economic systems that "unleash genius" and create an even better world that is presently beyond our imaginations.

As Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it."

We must systematically unleash genius in every aspect of our world, otherwise the problems we face will overwhelm us. Genius Stone leaders focus on global business organizations in three ways.

Future Intelligence: Provide a window into how present reality will evolve into the future
Acknowledge Reality: Determine if your business framework will survive the short term and long term future

Invent Your Future: Work with a global community of genius to implement actions that will ready business for the future and implement strategies with FastBreak Leadership Teams.

Those who do not reframe their business assumptions and take actions now will not be in business in the future. Genius Stone leaders work with investors to syncranize their companies with a community of thought leaders that are gifted in the art of "Fast-Break Business Implementation." Our vision is to "Unleash Wisdom, Wealth and Well-Being Worldwide" through the development of companies that operate at a level of genius previously unimagined.


It is very difficult to find good CEOs. It seems the searches go on forever and yield very few outstanding leaders. The core reasons it is hard to find good leaders who create compelling strategies and innovations that people will follow is that we have been:

Spoiled by waves of demand and very little global competition

Maximized profits thought IT & process reengineering

Extended demand and profit by financial leverage

Complexity has reached a level that is almost beyond comprehension

This is all overlaid by values systems that are based not based on science or "reality"

Command and control leadership models that do not tap wisdom

Polarized right/wrong value systems based on ego

The "Magic Wish Syndrome" that is based on hope

Disdain for self awareness

When demand slows and we face global competition powerful and insightful leadership is mission critical. We must unleash the genius of leaders and organizational members at every level.

As our financial systems became more sophisticated we realized we could make more money by buying and flipping companies than truly investing in them. Stock valuations became overly focused on quarterly earnings, and investment in future growth took a back seat to developing leadership and operational excellence. To compensate for the lack of leadership and operational excellence, we created mountains of debt. Genius Stone leaders do the opposite. Instead of making money from money, we make money from talent that is synchronized into teams of people who create new realities at a level of genius.

The "Financial Services" industries evolved out of these notions. Whole sector's generating billions of dollars of profits developed and dominated Wall Street until the recent global crash. Now we are suffering from debt levels that are unsustainable. The only real solution is to develop high performance organizations that specialize in quantum growth and "leap-frog" breakthroughs, which will require unleashing the genius of leaders, teams and businesses Globally.