06/01/2010 03:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gulf Oil Spill: Do We Want to Be Right Or Win?

The price of paying more attention to our beliefs than the complex multidimensional flows of cause and effect seen in the Gulf of Mexico, our financial systems and in the health and well-being of our people is great. Oil is pouring into the Gulf because the process of regulation and technology could not keep up with the complexity of drilling for oil. Our financial systems are failing because no one really wants to let go of the existing system, and our middle class, who fuels our economy, is shrinking because no one seems to understand how, or cares to strengthen them. Trust in government, business and our leadership in general is at an all time low. Yet all we do is try to be right about our agendas. Danger signals are everywhere, yet we fear being wrong more than having a desire for success.

Arrogance Combined With Ignorance Is Deadly
Focusing our consciousness on our beliefs, thoughts and political agendas instead of understanding how present reality is emerging into the future will destroy our nation, as it has destroyed many others. Standing arrogantly on a belief without understanding present reality is the most deadly form of ignorance. Operating like this is like a basketball team arguing in the middle of a fast break. It just does not work, and yet we cling to beliefs that have nothing to do with what is happening in the moment. The teams who have the best talent, coaching and, most important, are able to get into the zone more often, win championships in sports and provide a great microcosm. We as a nation, and many of our businesses, seem to be locked into what we believe to be true instead of paying attention to what is happening. Believing we are the greatest nation, sports team or business on Earth does not change the flow of cause and effect that has the momentum of a runaway freight train.

It Is Time To Change The Game Plan
We need a time out, and some coaching. We must learn to understand and acknowledge reality by placing our consciousness on the flows of cause and effect that are emerging in the present and respond to those flows like a team in "The Zone," instead of arrogantly defending our beliefs. Stop, take a deep breath and realize that what we believe will not stop the momentum of climate change, the debt crisis, failing businesses and the raising dissatisfaction of our people. We must work together like a team in "The Zone" or we will lose the game of life here on the planet, or in our businesses. Acknowledge reality, see how it is emerging into the future and make a plan and act with courage while you keep an eye on the present.

Use More Common Sense and Genius, Instead of Belief
A genius has beliefs, but uses them as a platform for discovery instead of being defined by them. A genius does not cling to what they believe to be true, they are practiced in letting go once they begin to discover present reality. They are masters of combining existing flows to create something new. They have their consciousness focused on the present to see how it will turn into the future, like an athlete driving to the basket in "The Zone."

The Past Is A Weak Teacher
Most of our understanding about the past is highly filtered by the beliefs we were holding during our experience at that time, and further distorted by our present beliefs and moods. Our memories, history and beliefs about the past are generally distorted; yet we argue about them and often lose friendships, miss business opportunities and create political systems that do not work.

Reality is unfolding in the present moment and will extend into the future. If we can hold our beliefs lightly and truly understand the present, we will see how it will lead to the future. Start with understanding present reality, no matter how ugly, and look forward. Leave the past behind, where it belongs. Don't stand in front of a runaway freight train thinking "I have never been hit by one before" hoping for a miracle. Hope is a feeling, not a strategy for success.

How Do We Create A Better Future?
With the help of comments from my readers, I will explore how to create what I call "FastBreak" solutions teams that respond to the present and create the future. Since I do not know everything, I need your comments and wisdom. So please reflect on what I have written, and provide my readers with your solutions.