05/20/2010 11:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Leadership: Syncing the Left and Right Brain

It seems to me that when our consciousness combines with the presence of our right brain and the discernment of the left brain, genius is created.

Like an athlete in 'the zone' or a CEO leading an executive team, both presence and discernment grow in an ever expanding spiral of insight and action. As one feeds the other, power and performance expand naturally.

However, to maximize performance, both sides of the brain need training and practice, as does the synchronization of both together, which I call "Integrative Presence."

No Substitute For Practice

Many leaders are masters of the left brain, less of the right brain, and few can sync both consistently. The leaders who learn to synchronize both see the right moves ahead of them as they approach, and move at a speed that seems like slow motion to them, but is like a sudden burst of lightning to those in a normal state of mind.

Different Practices

Each of the three skills are only mastered with training and practice. Determining your areas of strength and weakness and committing yourself to the rigor of training and practice is essential to achieving mastery. Each of these has a different nature and requires different approaches.

  • Presence: Being in the present moment and experiencing unfiltered realities
  • Discernment: Reducing reality into meaningful related parts
  • Integrative Presence: Simultaneously integrating discernment and presence

If our discernment is not based on the actual flow of cause and effect, it will be weaker. Both must be strong to achieve "Integrative Presence." There is a point in practice when your experience allows you to slip into "Integrative Presence" at will.

It happens like magic after you have learned to feel your way into this state. Mastering these skills is the first step in the journey to become a great leader or fascinating person. We should all ask ourselves which we need to most work with.