05/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Ground Of Being, Soul, Genius And Life

In earlier posts, people seemed interested in knowing more about soul and its relationship to life. I am going to share some thoughts that come from my experience, and hope to read about your experiences. If we all go on a journey into the unknown together, we will expand our consciousness.

When my life is working at a level of genius, I seem to be dancing with the rhythm and flow of a spherical energy emanating from the center of my being, which I call Soul. At some level I move in sync with everything around me. Since the energy is coming up through my Soul from the Infinite Ground of Being, I feel at first connected, and then at one with, "The All." I realize that, conscious of it or not, we are all an expression of the "Great Intelligence" that flows through us from the Ground of Being.

Sometimes this is a fleeting moment, and at others it lingers, like a beautiful spring day. The challenge often is, how do I get back to this feeling, or create a deepening of a great feeling.

Suzanne Segal, an enlightened writer, in her book Collision with the Infinite said: "The most common predicament people bring to me is the experience of feeling "cut off" from the infinite. They find this particularly painful if they have had clear experiences of the vastness which they then feel has "gone away." They want to know how they can stay in contact with the infinite at all times.

This very question contains two implicit assumptions that pass themselves off as truth -- that there is an "I" that is cut off from the infinite who could "apply itself" to reconnecting if it had the proper technique, and that the infinite has gone somewhere.

These are prime examples of how ideas masquerade as truth. In fact, there is no individual "I" who can figure out how to find the infinite again. More importantly, where would the infinite go? I mean, we aren't talking about something that can hide under the rug. If you could see things as only and exactly what they are, you would see that the "you" that is seeing is the vastness itself." A relaxation of being naturally arises if one is not seduced into taking ideas to be truth."

These moments seem to just appear, and like Suzanne, people often ask me how that happens. All I have been able to say is that it is associated with letting go of thought and ego. I think that Suzanne said it so much better. Nothing really changes; this infinite mystery is with us always. It reminds me of the phrase my priest often repeated in church services, "May the peace that passes all understanding be with you always." ... And of course it is. But as we become attached to our ideas that "masquerade as truth" the feeling of connectedness leaves our consciousness, and like dancers that are thinking about our steps, we lose rhythm with the heartbeat of life. We fall and stumble all over ourselves, but as we do, if we can avoid self-judgment and blame, we find our balance again. Over time, like riding waves, it becomes easier to feel our way into the power of our flow.