03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Is the Experience of Genius? - Tell Us Your Story

The word "genius" comes from the Roman God named Genius that according to the mythology of the time was given to everyone at birth. Your Genius is your connection to divine powers, your guide or muse. When you are connected to your Genius everything you do is in concert with the divine or supernatural. Genius is not I.Q. or E.Q., it is a state of mind full of grace that produces an extraordinary moment of life. Genius is available to everyone, regardless of his or her intelligence or experience. It supercharges whatever knowledge or skill you might have developed.

People often ask me, "What is it like when your Genius is flowing? How do you know you are in "The Zone?" It is important to understand when we are operating at high levels of consciousness and when our Genius is impaired. Decisions or actions that come out of this state of mind are much more effective. All of us, even if we might not have noticed it at the time, have experience being in "The Zone" ... or as I call it: "Integrative Presence." Integrative Presence is experienced when we let go of all frameworks, both limiting and empowering. It is a state of high awareness infused with joy, insight and peace. Results and well-being go up dramatically. I would like each reader to remember his or her times of "Genius." I normally facilitate this in a retreat, but if you follow these instructions, you may experience yourself in a state of Integrative Presence or Genius.

Take Three Deep Breaths: Sit quietly for two minutes, and then read.

As you read, go back to one of the peak experiences in your life. Go back to a time when you found yourself flowing with every moment. You may have been lingering each moment, falling in love and moving to another moment of wonder. Go to a time when everything worked for you without effort. Go to a time that was exhilarating and peaceful as one moment flowed into another. Perhaps you have experienced being in "The Zone" in sports. Close your eyes and imagine for a few minutes all the times in your life you were at your best. Allow yourself to fully experience these magical moments. Pause and remember these peak experiences, savor them deeply. To understand them more write your stories down in your journal. Notice what drew you into this state and what pulled you out. Notice the differences between the two states.

What is this phenomenon?

It is a natural state of being that some only experience once or twice, others experience often and a rare few integrate into their lives. We let go of our beliefs and frameworks, and suddenly we see the moment as it is now. We see and feel every nuance of the flow and we feel part of the life force. We respond to life instead of thinking, then reacting to, what we think happened. Everything seems simple and profound, and our being radiates. It is an innate state that is blocked by the thoughts and fears that are produced by our ego. Like the Roman God Genius, it is always waiting to infuse our lives.

Many say to me that you cannot maintain this state of mind indefinitely, but if you can maintain it for a minute, an hour or a day, why not more often than not? Sure the pull of human suffering and confusion draws you back. But once your realize this state of mind is natural and you have developed practices that unleash your Genius, this state of mind can become more normal. Imagine Genius being normal, and occasionally you slipped into the state of mind you call normal now, instead of visa versa.

Dramatically Increased Results

The results of these states of mind are much greater than normal, yet we seem to fear them. Why? That is a long story, which I will write about later. Most times it happens to individuals, but sometimes it happens to teams. There are many stories of teams experiencing "The Zone." They are, of course, unbeatable when they are in this state of mind. What would happen to the performance of a business organization if the leadership team could snap into this state of mind at will? It has been my experience that shifting into this state increases a team's insight and presence in the marketplace. Imagine an organization whose developmental process has "Unleashing Genius" as the central goal. This, of course, is the goal of my work.

A Spiritual Feeling

Close your eyes a moment and remember a similar state of mind that was more spiritual. Mine came when I was kneeling at the altar with my Priest, The Archbishop, and another Priest placed their hands on my head channeling the "Holy Spirit" into me. It was peaceful, deeply alive, filled with light, timeless and beyond description.

Go back again to a time when you were feeling so clear, that you felt like you were going home. Find a time when you felt connected with the "Great Intelligence," that feeds life, often hidden beneath our fears, but waits for us always. Imagine a moment when you allowed your Genius to guide you to the life you are meant to live.

Close Your Eyes and Enjoy This Moment Imagine those spiritual times in your life.

To be able to experience this state of mind at will, we have to practice completely letting go, and our Genius flashes like laser beams in the night sky of our life. It is important to practice releasing our dark fears, and be comfortable letting this heavenly energy fly through us like an angel. Take time to write these experiences of light in your journal. Learn to invite the "Great Spirit" to fill you with the peace that passes all understanding. Make love to each deep moment every day and night. Learn to dance with "The Flow of Heaven" passionately, as your being expands. Commit to creating the future you have always been, but didn't know was waiting within you. Experience life like a flash of lightning, or a ride on a wild stallion across the desert galloping into the sun, like the wind. Knowing "The Life Force" within you is vital to your happiness and is the most important thing you can do for your children, community and the World. Dance with the heartbeat of life, as God meant you to do.

Share Your Moments of Genius

Remember, in this and in all areas of life, there is no substitute for practice. To help you practice and help others see this possibility, I request that, you, my readers, please share your moments of Genius as comments. Tell one or two of your stories. Tell us all about your peak experiences.

Paul David Walker, CEO & Founder, Genius Stone Partners,