05/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Is the Soul?

Imagine there is a place within you that connects directly with the formless intelligence that creates a new world every moment. It is the point where the deep light that enlivens us is connected to divine love, like a mother to a child forever. It is our portal to the infinite wisdom that the Native Americans called, "The Great Spirit." It takes the divine energy of what Emerson called, "The Great Intelligence," and weaves it into every moment of our life. Happiness is being consciously aware of the flow that comes into our life, filling the unique sphere of our being. It is where our forms, beautiful, and light meet with the infinite love of the being that created us, and all living things.

Our Avalanche of Fear
Sometimes it seems like our view of this light is covered by an avalanche of fear piled upon us by the struggle of living in this finite world. Somewhere between the moment of birth, dancing with the joy of childhood, and our first steps into adulthood, we bury the light of our heart beneath piles of fear. Slowly, almost without noticing, our lives become cold and meaningless. We lose touch with the flame of life. We lay beneath the debris our painful mistakes have left behind, smothered with coats of armor around our hearts to conserve warmth and protect what is left of our light. But shields of protection also block out the light that leads us to the surface. One day, because we hold the flame in our hearts, we see the light and begin the climb. We live again in the radiance of our Soul.

Our Light Within
Once we recover from the avalanche of our fears, and find the surface full of light, the quest to let our lives shine with this creative presence only begins. As we see we are connected to an infinite being, we nurture this awareness each day quietly and follow our breathing, letting go of the fears that cover us as they fall out of our comparisons and judgments. We learn to let ourselves fly to the edge of our Soul, and peer out into the infinite. We feel the currents of the divine flowing into us, and let them guide us deeper into the heart of life. We learn to drink of this refreshing spiritual spring that is always there for us. When we feel this essence with every breath, our lives will never be the same.

It Waits For All of Us
This is what the ancients called "Awakening," which is the beginning of a timeless infinite journey into a beautiful mystery beyond anything I can describe. It waits for all of us to take the first step.