09/26/2006 11:27 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Fearless Song

First of all, thanks to all of you thousands of folks who are taking the time to write to me about my work and asking about the CD. Soon! Very soon! This is becoming an amazing ride and it'll be interesting to see how far we can go and how many riders we can pick up on the way.

Now to the blog :

Arianna called me and said (fill in your own Greek accent) "Hey Baby, We need a fearless song".

"When do you need it by" I asked:

"I want you to sing it tonight at a party in San Francisco at the home of Larry Ellison"

I was so seized by fear I almost dropped the phone but after Arianna talked me down and said "Be Fearless" in that oh so very convincing way of hers I knew I had to get over my fear song fear and start writing. Arianna is as close to real fearlessness as one can get. She is truly an inspiration.

I played the song at Arianna's party in S.F. and people loved it. Then on Saturday night I played the song for a nice looking group of folks in an Upper East Side Townhouse filled with Arianna-ites in really really nice clothes (Though nobody looked better than Arianna in her YvesSaintLaurent ensemble. Oh wouldn't I have looked good in a matching YSL suit? A fellow can dream) and they seemed to really like the song as well. I am sure we will be dong more gigs together on the "Fearless" tour. But until then....

Here is a quickly recorded version that features an appearance by my original Fearless Mentor - My Mom.
This is a work in progress as it has one more verse that I am still perfecting. It will be out soon in it's entirety. In the meantime enjoy this dispatch from the fearless launch-pad.

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