08/02/2010 11:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Becoming Norman" A Powerful Theater Piece On Self-Esteem, Growing Up Gay and Mormon

Writer-Actor Norman P. Dixon's powerful and moving one-man show Becoming Norman is about to begin a six-week run at The NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood. The engagement follows a highly successful "tryout" in February 2010.

With charming humor, touching sensitivity and five original songs written by Dixon, Becoming Norman focuses on Dixon's journey reconciling his Mormon upbringing with his sexuality.

Acutely aware of the current heat surrounding the Mormon Church and their position on gay marriage, Dixon has made a conscious choice not to politicize. He says, "There are other gay ex-Mormon performers who seem bent on railing against the church. That's not my goal."

His aim was made clearer during the initial run, when he gave a special performance for his entire family of active, churchgoing Mormons. "Parts of the show may have made them uncomfortable," he says, "but they did not feel discounted."

He continues, "In fact, one of my cousins, a devout Mormon who had never met my partner [producer C. Raul Espinoza], fell into Raul's arms after the show was over and openly wept," says Dixon. "I found that encouraging. There are Mormons out there who feel a degree of emotional pain and confliction over the issue of homosexuality. It opened my eyes to the potential of what I can accomplish by sharing my story."

Becoming Norman also features a compelling parallel narrative about self-esteem and pursuing dreams. Dixon's bravery in exposing his vulnerability and insecurities renders the production universally accessible and relatable.

Dixon says, "The consistent reaction, whether people are gay or straight, male or female, or old or young, is that my story causes them to reflect on their own lives and choices. I am very proud of that. My aim is to continue reaching people across a broad spectrum, especially those who feel disenfranchised or who have given up on something they wanted, as I did for a long time. Becoming Norman will show them it is never too late to pursue a dream."

Becoming Norman opens at The NoHo Arts Center, 11136 North Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, on Friday, August 6th and runs until Sunday, September 12, 2010.

For more information and tickets visit or call (800) 595-4849.