01/08/2016 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

NetFix: You'll Flip Your Lid Over It


NetFix: You'll Flip Your Lid Over It

NetFlix announced plans to employ its highly successful sales formula in the field of marijuana distribution with the opening of NetFix. For a fee of just $250 a month, NetFix will mail out an initial packet of seven marijuana delivery systems (or, joints, as they are more commonly known.) Customers will then mail back the used marijuana delivery system and another one will be sent out immediately.

For $350 a month, the customer can opt for the Bob Marley special package - "Rasta Reefer Madness" - that will include extra large-sized individually wrapped 100% Jamaican product and a collectible Marley commemorative "Roach Clip." Buyers will also be able to mix and match product from around the world. Choices include: Maui Wowie, Tijuana Grass, Congo Cannabis and a special brand just for the ladies, Mary Jane Lite.

NetFix plans to begin advertising next spring with the slogan: NetFix: You'll Flip Your Lid Over It.