04/06/2015 06:19 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2015

WE... My love

I remember a time before the beginning...
When WE stood upon a lofty place among the stars.
Hand in hand, WE stood in the midst of the essence of all life
Come together since the first light of creation.
We are the children of the stars contemplating our own destruction,
While we watch a universe in the throes of death.
As galaxies and star systems come tumbling together in mass chaos.
Creating a light show beyond the farthest reaches of imagination.
Only to be swallowed by the ever growing mouth of darkness.
All things that we know, have ceased to exist.
The very fabric of creation is rent and in tatters.
Ripped by the forces of the ever-growing darkness
That feeds itself with the very matter that created it.
All the while, infinite space is racing into... Nothingness!
WE aren't alone my love, you and I. WE weep with all those who lived before us,
For WE are the last generation, you and I. To have tasted life.
It is a flavor still fresh in our mouth, fresh in our memory.
Hand in hand WE stand, my love, alone amongst the multitude
Of all those that came before us,
And are content to see their own destruction.
Yes WE have become a part of them,
And feel the hum of thought and knowledge pass through us
As the collective intellect contemplates its demise. WE resist.
For WE are not ready for the end to come my love,
With us, the taste of life is too fresh in our mouths!
WE filter this vast knowledge, my love! To look for a way
To step through the fabric, that binds us to this destruction,
And WE find it! Confident now in our own survival.
The knowledge spreads to all those that came before us.
And a sense of hope fills the collective spirit.
With relief we turn back to the spectacle at hand,
And watch the final death throes of the once vast universe
As it shrinks into nothingness and disappears from existence.
We stand hand in hand my love, for an eternity! Or was it only a moment?
For there is no time, there is no space! Only your presence beside me,
Along with those that lived before us and our collective knowledge.
Only pure thought, and the sensation of your hand in mine.
WE watch creation begin with a blinding light.
And heat, beyond the limits of imagination.
WE! My love, are fused and become as one
With all those that came before us.
WE stand upon a lofty place among the stars
And watch a universe grow and unfold at our feet.
Knowing nothing is lost, it only changes.
WE stand hand in hand, my love.
And I turn to you and say,
Come my love, let us create life!