09/19/2014 06:46 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2014

Keep the Oil in the Ground!

Our future is in peril and the changing climate is a key indicator. Scientists warn us that global warming is spiraling out of control which is why we need to see immediate action now. As the Amazon basin is a keystone area in combating climate change, preserving this region is essential for humanity's survival.

Supporting the demands of our indigenous allies we're making a global call to Keep the Oil in the Ground. Amazon Watch has launched a new video to broadcast this demand far and wide. The solution to climate chaos must begin with preserving those places most critical for our survival – from the Arctic to the Amazon.

The Amazon rainforest is an unparalleled global treasure. As the world's largest and most biologically diverse tropical forest covering an area larger than the continental US, the Amazon houses one-third of the earth's plant and animal species, produces a fifth of the world's freshwater and plays a critical role in regulating our global climate as it produces oxygen and absorbs carbon, and drives global weather patterns.

The world's scientists have warned that in order to avert the kind of climate catastrophe that would turn the Amazon rainforest into a savannah and change life as we know it, we need leave two-thirds of oil reserves in the ground.

So please, act today and share this video with everyone you know who likes to breathe air. This concerns them, too.