09/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Malloy's Anti-Obama Rant

The first traitor to the Democratic Presidential nominee with a national microphone made his move to support McCain and urge others to do so. On his radio show , billed as "Speaking Truth to Power," Mike Malloy abandoned all progressive logic as he spent his entire show in a rant against Barack Obama to the amazement of listeners and those who have heard him push for Obama's election. Citing Obama's vote in favor of the FISA law and change of heart on allowing off-shore drilling, Malloy said that Obama would not be able to bring about the change that he has championed and that those who follow him through eight years of failure will allow the Republican fascism to point to that failure as evidence that the government the Republicans have put in place by the Bush/Cheney cannot be undone.

To satisfy his predominantly progressive audience's need to have him not completely go GOP, Malloy stated that he wants Americans to elect a Democratic Congress so that they can have a veto proof majority for, in his reasoning, the President does not pass laws and does not declare wars. So where has he been burying his head while Bush/Cheney set in motion all of the predicates for the current energy gouging and war on a nation that neither attacked us, nor had the capability of doing so.

It goes against my nature of a combatant against those who have corrupted the principles of American Democracy to throw in the towel because the going will be tough. If we adopt such a defeatist attitude now, even if Obama is able to withstand the barrage of character assassination he will face before November, how will we be ready to put our hearts and souls into doing our part to undo the damage these Corporatists have done to the American economy, environment, educational institutions, and healthcare system? If American's as he put it think Obama is the second coming then they are going to be sorely disappointed and on this point I agree. To fail to recognize the sacrifices and work we have ahead as citizens; taking back our government from the rich and powerful interests is a recipe for disaster.

Barack Obama is inspirational enough, intelligent enough, committed to changing the status quo enough, and states our needs so eloquently that he can mobilize Americans, as did Roosevelt and Kennedy, to act in the national interest. Yes, though derided as some elitist statement by Republicans, "We are the ones we have been waiting for" is the absolute truth; and we damn well better get on our J.O.B. and get to it. A syndicated Radio show with a listenership as broad as Malloy's should be urging its audience to register voters, volunteer for poll watching, and encouraging citizens to get prepared to volunteer services as New Years resolutions that must be kept

Stir in Dana Millbank's second hand quote of Obama's taken out of context and you get a picture of how many who call themselves Democrats just cannot wrap their minds around the prospect of a black president; even one who is half white!