05/30/2013 04:51 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2013

The Fear of Knowing Everything

This story is taken from my upcoming book of surreal anecdotes and very short fairy tales for adults called "The Mundane Uses of Magical Objects"

He had a fear of knowing everything. Some day it was bound to happen. All the questions would get their answers. All that is unpredictable would fit into narrow and well-defined boundaries. Everything would be sorted, categorized and available for reference within a mere blink of thought.

And once everything unknown became known, he would know everything about her. He would know why she loved him. Would know the smallest reasons for why she did what she did and could predict what she would not do. And if he knew this much of everything, he thought he would still love her. Because the beauty of her body and soul were undeniable facts and they would always be greater than any minutest explanation of what they were.

But what he was afraid of was that if he knew everything, he would have to try out death. Because it would be the only thing that he would not be able to logically understand, even if there would be enough charts and videos to explain what it could be like. Death would remain the only thing for which there would not be anything in regular life that would have a satisfying enough explanation. There was just nothing like it, no matter what the best minds could come up with!

Such were the thoughts of the man who had a fear of knowing everything. Thankfully, his fear did not come true as a brick fell on his head when he got lost on a construction site with all such ponderings on his mind. As the brick was crushing his head, he realized that he knew everything he really needed to know. He thought of her one last time and died... Maybe. Who knows what happens in such situations?

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