08/07/2011 11:47 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2011

HuffPost Religion Roundup: July 31 - Aug 7

It's been a busy week on HuffPost Religion. After all the banging we ended up with a debt ceiling deal in which we morally defaulted. The only bright spot was seeing Rep. Gabbrielle Giffords enter the Congress to a standing ovation. So, recovering from a gun shot wound to the head is all it takes for Congress to come together.

Ramadan began this week and we have had the pleasure of reading Imam Khalid Latif's daily reflections. They are so consistently good that it makes me think that I should start fasting to improve my soul, and my writing. Our favorite so far was A Ramadan Prayer for Somalia. Cooking gurus Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn and Vikas Khanna schooled us on the importance of sharing food in Islam and especially during Ramadan; and we wish our brothers Bassam and Aman Godspeed on their 30 Mosques in 30 Days -- send us an update soon guys!

Not surprisingly, moral issues keep on presenting themselves on HuffPost Religion: including the mainstays abortion and homosexuality; but also nuclear war and polygamy. We also had an excellent piece on why reading the Bible literally undermines Christianity, and an intelligent consideration of how spirituality evolved. Our piece of the week goes to Eishes Chayil for her brave and important post entitled: "Orthodox Jewish Child Abuse: Shattering A Traumatic Silence."

For those in search of spiritual wisdom, we got two minutes of it with Radhanath Swami. The swami feeds a quarter million hungry people every day in Mumbai -- so when he talks of love of God in service to one another I think we should listen up.

We launched a new weekly series called ON Scripture in which preachers from across the country take the Christian scripture text for the coming Sunday and provide insights that are relevant to current issues facing us in our personal and communal lives. Look for it every Wednesday.

Finally, we have been doing a lot on prayer lately -- whether to better understand the Catholic interpretation or listening to a future presidential candidate. My prayer today is that we would be generous and kind to one another, and to help those who are most in need. If you feel inspired -- please give to help those who are suffering in Somalia.

Peace, Peace, Peace.