10/10/2007 01:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Powerful New IAVA TV Ad: Get Veterans the Care They Deserve Now

In the spring, as the scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center dominated the headlines, the President promised to fix the problems facing returning veterans. Congress proposed the best veterans' budget we've ever seen, including the biggest increase in funding for vets' health care in 77 years.

But more than six months later, little action has been taken. A new GAO report confirms that the problems at Walter Reed aren't solved. Furthermore, the VA budget is officially late, so veterans' hospitals are making do with temporary funding at last year's low levels.

That's why Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America launched a gripping new TV ad today, called "Demand Action."

You can check out the ad here:

It features the powerful testimony of two people who experienced the nightmares at Walter Reed first hand: Annette McLeod, whose husband, Specialist Wendell McLeod, sustained a multiple life-threatening injuries while he was serving in Iraq, and Staff Sergeant John Daniel Shannon, who lost his left eye and suffered a traumatic brain injury from a rifle shot to the head.

Apparently, Congress is too busy fighting about Rush Limbaugh's comments or MoveOn's latest ad to solve the problems facing veterans. When there's real work to be done, they'd rather take a stand against name-calling. Lately, they've been like the Miss Manners of legislative assemblies.

We hope you'll watch the ad, and join us in reminding Congress that the troops still have real problems to worry about. The politicians need to put aside the partisan game-playing and provide some real solutions.