01/20/2006 06:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tragedies That Should Not Have Been

A recently revealed Pentagon study has found that 80% of Marines killed in Iraq may have survived if they had been wearing the latest body armor. That's hundreds of American troops.

Why, three years into this war, are our Troops still struggling with inadequate equipment? This is bureaucracy at its worst.

After a closed briefing last week, the Army has again promised to send more body armor to Iraq. Our Troops deserve more than another promise. They deserve a public investigation and real accountability.

IAVA is calling on the Senate Armed Services Committee to investigate why these problems still exist, who is responsible, and most importantly, what steps are being taken to get Troops the armor they need.

Please urge your Senator to commit to providing the best possible support for our Troops. It only takes two minutes to make your voice heard in Washington. Tell your senator that this is a matter of life and death, and bureaucratic excuses just won't cut it.