12/22/2011 05:55 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2012

Hey Lansing, Stop Taking Our Democracy!

Recent legislation from Governor Snyder and the Michigan state legislature has sought to strip away power from local municipalities and from the people. America was founded with a republican form of democratic government that creates layers of federal, state, and locally elected officials. It is intended that the citizens of the United States would have the most direct access and opinion on the matters and issues closest to them. In the past few months, the Michigan state government has be actively denying the citizens' right to an American form of government.

At the top of the list is the whole concept of the Financial Manager, which is a hostile takeover of the people's will. Not only is this superseding action being used to undercut active labor negotiations, limiting electorate voice, and exerting dictatorial methods, but the legislature wants to stop a promising effort to repeal the law. Referendum, as a form of direct democracy, is the clearest way to hear the electorate, but maybe it would be better off as a opinion poll during the next election so they can flip flop to save their jobs.

It is not the first time this year that there has been an effort to take away Michigan constitutional right to direct democracy. Earlier this year there was an effort to limit the voice of the people after Rep. Paul Scott was recalled. It was an attempt to narrow reason why an elected official can be recalled. There is no more of a government dissention from the people's sovereignty then when it seeks to limit involvement, deny the power of the vote, and change laws to suit its own convenient needs.

Yet the grievances of the people do not stop on the issue of recall and referendum. The state government is pursuing to cripple the very form of self government. Not only have the current elected officials made drastic cuts to the education system, but now they have opened the state to allow outside for-profit corporations to educate students. This is a complete undermining of locally elected school boards, which allows for a direct discussion between people and their schools. Schools are a matter of communal importance, not the pursuit of greed. It really would not be surprising though if Snyder signed the law, since this tuff nerd has a record of maximizing profits by outsourcing labor cost (as if sitting on the board of computer company is great practice for running a state).

It might all be explained by good intentions gone misinterpreted, but House Bill 5039 seeks to void local ordinances that prevent discrimination. This is an instance when government makes a turn from political opposition, to direct actions of harm on its people. Forcing local municipalities to enforce ignorance is not just corruption or personal bigotry, it is a direct denial of every Americans' civil rights intended to create a true union based on the concept of freedom.

At this point it must be asked, when does the elected know better than the electorate? As a citizen of the State of Michigan there is enough to question the honest intentions of the elected officials currently in state office. It is as Rep. Santana explains that we are the people of Michigan, and the negation of our voice is a denial of the system. The time has come, when united by the causes of power, a political band has risen to office in order to keep this power by the means of exclusion. An exclusion that has divided a government from its people. Allow this power to be dissolved by the cast of a vote, by the utterance of a word, and by the actions of freedom.