11/07/2012 04:37 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Clear as Day

This morning the experts are already pulling apart what happened last night. It is clear as day: America has a progressive momentum after the wars of the last decade. Reactionary rhetoric can't stop social progress across the land. America has swept Obama along with it, despite his inability to lead it.

The Republican party lost its last shot for white male hegemony, so they will be split by demographics until the party changes its demographic nature. If Obama finally stands up for what he said four years ago, and what he said again last night, the country will go with him.

And most important, the election reveals the country will go forward without him, although slower if he's not our champion. He spoke appropriately last night that America has rejected the two wars, we want education, health care, and social progress.

I hope the narrowly focused pundits will value the true meaning of the election and its sunshine that will illuminate the budget impasses and ugly partisan conflict. Hey, Obama had better charge ahead, this time knowing the Republicans will impeach him no matter what he does. They are a walking dead party.

Meanwhile, and hopefully not forgotten amidst the brouhahas, America is steadily going forward.

America is an amazing life-affirming culture.