03/21/2011 08:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Wonder of Norway From Above (PHOTOS)

On my last post I showed my experience of a variety of adventures during a winter visit around Norway from bottom to top. Well, another man who has been over there recently is Professor Brian Cox, who incidentally comes from the same town as me: Oldham, England.

Brian was in Norway to film a part of "The Wonders of the Universe" series currently running in the UK on BBC. In the "Wonders of the Universe" trailers and in each shows intro you see magnificent helicopter shots of Brian on top of a Norwegian mountain. Episode 3, aired in the UK on Sunday features more great helicopter shots of the Sunnmøre Alps and the Stranda Ski resort that is in the middle of these majestic alps. (*SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO BELOW*)

The local newspaper Møre-Nytt quotes Brian Cox about his visit to Sunnmøre Alps:

"It's as close to the UK as the French Alps, but very much less well known, and for me it's far more beautiful. Part of the reason for this is that it's unspoiled. I loved the little ski area at Stranda, but the magnificent isolated beauty I saw from Dalagubben is surely one of the greatest views on Earth."

The company that shot the helicopter scenes, Fuglefjellet has very kindly allowed me to show you these stunning helicopter videos of the area. These magnificent Aerial shots are captured with state of the art Cineflex aerial filming system by film company Fuglefjellet who also shot the Sunnmøre Alps aerials for Wonders of the Universe. Breathtaking!

Norwegian Sunrise:

Norwegian sunrise from Fuglefjellet on Vimeo.

Norwegian Landscape

Norwegian landscape from Fuglefjellet on Vimeo.

Norwegian Winter

Features Stranda Ski resort in the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps where you might ski from the mountain peak and all the way down to the small fjord village Stranda.

Norwegian winter from Fuglefjellet on Vimeo.

Summer views of Norway from above may also be found in Fuglefjellet showreels on Facebook or Vimeo.

Below is more of the wonder of Norway from above. Photographs showcasing the Sunnmøre Alps and Strandafjellet Ski Resort.

copyright: Arild Solberg/DigiCrew/Fuglefjellet