06/25/2013 09:06 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2013

Declaration of Interdependence 2013

WE THE PEOPLE of the free and independent United States hereby declare our interconnectedness and responsibility for one another. Originally formed as a political unit to throw off the cruelties of a despotic ruler, we re-commit ourselves to those principles which set us apart from nations whose inhumanity and enrichment of their ruling classes have inflicted undue and grievous harm upon their general populations.

In light of recent activities and political maneuverings by the powerful and wealthy classes of our society, we feel the need to once again state those values we believe are embodied or implied in both our nation's Constitution and Declaration of Independence, namely that...

• All citizens are entitled to unhindered access to those essentials necessary in a civilized society to foster Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, including (but not limited to) a healthy diet, safe and affordable housing, an advanced education, an unbiased political system, freedom from fear or repression, and a government committed as an overriding philosophy to the avoidance of war and the pursuit of peace.

• To secure such essentials, it is necessary to immediately develop and institute such rules of behavior and jurisprudence that acknowledge and reestablish the equality of all individuals in our society; those actions to include...

-Removing the power and influence of money from all democratic institutions and political activities; understanding that, far from engendering free speech, the unfettered flow of money allows moneyed interests to drown out the voices of those with lesser wealth or influence;

- Restoring a fair and equitable tax system which recognizes that all individuals benefit equally from systems, protections and services provided by our national and local governments, and that more should be expected from those who have a preponderance of our nation's wealth, while less should be taken from those who have little enough for themselves;

- Restoring equal justice and punishment to those at all levels of our society, so that those who caused economic chaos and destruction in pursuit of their own selfish outcomes, as well as those who unleashed the dogs of war for no good cause, and those who authorized or committed acts of torture, are given a fair and impartial trial before the eyes of the world, as a lesson to others and a clear indicator of our commitment to the rule of law, even for the most powerful among us;

- Gradually reducing the country's dependence on -- and thrall to -- the military industrial complex. Recognizing that, as we've recently seen, weak-minded or short-sighted leaders can make military decisions that result in unnecessary death, destruction and the wasteful expenditure of national wealth. Also recognizing that the maintenance of a large global military footprint not only increases the likelihood of a country being drawn into war, but significantly reduces those assets available for keeping commitments to its citizens at all levels of the socio-economic ladder.

-And recommitting ourselves to acting with honor, humanity and justice towards other nations, especially towards non-combatants caught up in a war zone through no fault of their own.

We offer the above Declaration of Interdependence as a road map for our country to begin returning to its rightful path, to once again become a beacon on a hill to other nations, a paragon of virtue among world powers, driven equally by principle and compassion, and undeterred in its purpose by public debate fueled by blind self-interest and self-righteous bravado.

So offered for consideration as we approach this Fourth of July, 2013.