03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who Sounds More Delusional, Lane Kiffin or Mark McGwire?

At his introductory press conference on Wednesday, Lane Kiffin was asked to comment on the campus vandalism that occurred the night he fled the scene in Knoxville.

A reporter wanted to know if he'd seen any news footage and how he felt about it all.

Kiffin chose to see it as a compliment to him and his staff. After all, he mused. "... they're upset that we're leaving because of what we've been doing. If they weren't upset that we were leaving, then we weren't doing anything right."

Anyone else hear that and wonder if Kiffin is an evil genius? It makes sense if you are looking for a way to avoid saying that the students are flipping out about the disruption in the recruiting class and the fear that the school will be unable to hire a great coach quick enough to save the season, only 14 days into the new year.

Or you can believe it, really believe it. When you're on the fast track to stardom in the world of football, why wouldn't you choose to think you are terrific and desirable enough for people to throw you dream jobs after less than dream results.

Mark McGwire's major sin, according to his critics, is his belief that on-field performance was not affected by using the substances he claims not to be able to name.

He maintains that he used steroids to heal his body after multiple injuries that only got worse during 162 game seasons. His god-given talent, according to McGwire allowed him to take his good health and slam baseballs into bleacher seats around the country.

A quick review of McGwire's stats that compare the pre and post 'roids periods as he defined them make a compelling case that his healthy body, god and whatever he ingested or injected into his body made him a batting star.

Even those that accept the slugger's apology and believe his shame and tears come from a good place draw the line at accepting his god-given talent story. So, who is the most delusional? Lane Kiffin or Mark McGwire? The polls are open now.

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