09/20/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2013

How to Shop Like a Pro In Paris

Ah, Paris - the city of lights, love and of course fashion. But where to shop to find the ultimate Parisian look? There are the obvious stores -- Christian Dior, Goyard or Chanel -- but where do Parisian women, the chicest ladies on the planet actually go? And how do you shop without blasting through all your Euros? Travora turned to fashion expert and professional Paris tour guide Anne Muraro to help us with our clothing binge.

Muraro, who notes, "I never do second hand stores except for vintage Hermes or Chanel," claims the best place for vintage handbags and accessories is at Gabrielle Geppert in Palais Royal, 31 Galerie Montpensier.

But by far the most fun can be found in flea markets -- and as this os Paris, we're not talking musty old clothing that looks (and smells) like someone's grandmother was a circus clown. Muraro suggests searching for the Olwen Forest stall at the Saint Ouen flea market -- open every Saturday, Sunday and Monday - which specializes in Schiapparelli and Chanel. The stand is located in the Serpette market, alley 3 stand 5.

Another stand to search for in Saint Ouen, is Isabelle Klein, located next to Restaurant Paul Bert in the Market Paul Bert. This notorious store has "very affordable vintage to haute couture" Muraro said.

But if you're not interested in pre-owned clothes and want new, then go to an outlet. For discounts on up to 70 percent off retail, the outlet l'Habilleur in Le Marais , 44 rue de Poitou 75003, has been a fashionista secret for the past 15 years. The store stocks designer names like Paul & Joe, Giorgio Brato and Belle Rose and insane outlet prices - just expect a bit of a line.

But as Paris is the birthplace of new design, why not shop at the up and comers' boutiques? Muraro notes her favorite young designers are Gildas Pennec and Victoria Herando - who design "Margareth and Me", 16 rue de la sourdière 75001 , which is conveniently located near the famous Colette concept store. Muraro is so taken with the duo she said, "The designs are elegant, stylish, original, and the cut and shape of the clothing are influenced by the fine arts. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O would have loved it for sure!"

So, off you go!