07/31/2016 02:58 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2017

Head-In-Sand Purists

In this defining moment in America's ongoing story, I find myself mystified by seemingly "good people" who refuse to support Hillary Clinton. They see her, they say, as imperfect. In the same breath, they refuse to offer viable alternatives. While I'm accustomed to the messiness of democracy, such crazy-making orneriness is self-indulgent at best and willfully destructive at worst.

If Americans hope to keep alive our sometimes flickering aspirations to govern ourselves, engaging in the process of voting (add "strategically" if that feels better) is, simply put, mandatory. Whether it's a vote for Secretary Clinton or a vote against Donald Trump -- whatever rocks your boat -- the all too real RW demands nothing less. Actively campaigning is also important.

What is it about the RW -- the Real World -- that eludes those aggressively hostile to Secretary Clinton because she doesn't sync perfectly with their worldview? What's with the willful naiveté that demands Hillary be Bernie? How do we keep America's personification of our Darkest Side from morphing the Presidency into Trump's obscene plaything? By petulantly sitting back (arms crossed, pouty-lipped) opting out? Serious YUK.

I wanted Joe Biden to be our next President. Not going to happen. Is Joe perfect? Is Bernie? Am I? Are you? Does the fact that the nuances of a life lived beyond the cradle is complicated license me to "just say no" and become a spectator? Surely, the only acceptable answer is "No!"

Is Hillary part of the Establishment? Yes. Do I want to change that Establishment? Yes. Is she my best bet to make progress in that direction in this Real Time, Real Place, Real World? Yes.

Engage. It is the hardscrabble RW in which we must save humanity from self-aggrandizing predators in general, and specifically from the Republican candidate now representing his Party much too well.

Then, we can -- and must -- pull the political class along with us into a better tomorrow. Making this particular thousand mile journey toward "liberty and justice" for ALL the (sovereign) people does require a first step, time and time and time again. Look to the future while engaging with and in the moment. Just don't tell me that it does not matter who sets the agenda as President of the United States of America!

Really now. Unless one is blinded by some rigid belief system or comatose to the full-bodied threats the entire Republican gang poses, all wrapped up in the overblown persona of a noisy blunderbuss, what else needs to be said?

Today many soon-to-be-former British citizens of the EU would love to be able to recall their protest vote for Brexit. Many more will be joining them. Brexit is only a terrible idea. Trump is a disaster-in-waiting.

Like Sen. Sanders, most of his supporters are bright, well-grounded people and will support Ms. Clinton. A vocal and over-reported minority booed Sen. Sanders (and, god help us, Rep. John Lewis). As Pres. Obama said and Ms. Clinton repeated: "Don't boo. VOTE."