04/21/2014 09:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Magic of Easter Shoes

Me and my brother Brad in front of our house in Hayward, California, on Easter in the '60s. Note my shiny new shoes!

While I cannot deny my undying love of See's buttercream Easter eggs and Peeps, my favorite part of Easter as a little girl was the new pair of Easter shoes I got to pick out.
Cottontail Twinkle Heels at right, available at Modcloth.

They were usually very shiny, very girly Mary Janes sporting a little heel. I loved the click- click sound they made on the sidewalk while we hunted for eggs, and how grown-up and stylish they made me feel. Those Easter shoes made everything better, even the long ride home from my cousins' across the San Mateo Bridge, no matter how carsick or full of candy I was.

And so it was with this spirit of Easter that I found myself at Susan, hunting for Easter Shoes, and practically tripping over the flowered Simone Rocha Mary-Janes with the clear perspex platform heel. They were perfect.

There is no way to rationalize this purchase, seen happily on my feet on the photo at left. They don't go with anything, yet they go with everything. They look clunky and odd off the foot, but on it, well, they were like a way-back machine, transporting me back to the '60s and that rush I felt trying on Easter Shoes with my mom.

I wore them with glee on Easter Sunday, to my cousins' for Easter Brunch and in Fremont for Easter Dinner, and looking at them, I felt like a little girl again, all fancy and grown-up.
Whatever you're wore or did this weekend, take the time to remember what it felt like to find the pretty pink egg hiding beneath the bushes, or to bite the ear off the chocolate bunny, or to pluck blades of plastic basket grass from your hair, or that magical feeling of slipping into brand-new shoes and how wonderful they made you feel.

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Platform booties at right are by Jeffrey Campbell. In case of emergency, break wedge and eat the Peeps!