03/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Mind Interrupted is Mind Awake

This is a short-attention-span/pattern-interruption post for the minds on the go.

five pattern-interruption thoughts to, perhaps, further shorten your already short attention span downright to... now.

1. As long as there is a self, the self will be self-serving.

2. I entrust you right now to govern yourself exactly to the meaning that you need to arrive at. Do you?

3. You know that feeling of popping the bubble wrap? It's the same thing with self-inquiry. Pop the bubble of your ego. Hear the explosive joy of emptiness.

4. Consciousness, light, spirit, emptiness are four words that mean the same thing-less-ness.

5. Ego is a document. Who for?

Pattern interruption leverages mindfulness: mind is a pattern, interrupt it. Lose your mind to find your consciousness. Confusion means loss of certainty. Loss of certainty means open-mindedness to what is.

Q & A:
Q: What am I to do with this meaningless drivel?

A: Read. Then, ask yourself: "What pattern did this break for me?"

Be awake. Be well. Be you!