08/04/2014 03:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Counting Sheep? Here's a Better Ritual for Insomniacs

2014-08-04-sleep.jpgTed was a self-proclaimed insomniac. His cure? A lullaby of gratitude.

He told me when he was restless at night, he would fight it. The argument he had with himself would come to a simmering boil. Worst of all, it brought him to a feisty peak of wakefulness.

The insomniac began to realize sleep depends on détente. Now the peace-keeper refuses to fight with himself. Instead, he counts the positive aspects in his life, and it lulls him to sleep in record time.

I began experimenting with this ritual, and I found that it forced me to banish complaint. It cleansed me of grievances and life's upsets. More importantly, it encouraged me to embrace the magic in my life -- the benefits.

I never get too far in my accounting of the good in my life. I'm in such high spirits, I drift off by number three.

If you're suffering from sleep deprivation, is your strange bedfellow complaint? Give late night gratitude a try and see how fast you drift off to sleep.

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