05/07/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grace and the Leader of the Free World

"Grace" is the favorite word of the leader of the free world, and when I first read that a couple years ago in a Reader's Digest article it made an impression on me.

President Barack Obama was asked what his favorite word was in any language, and here's how he answered the question:

"Grace. I love the word grace because I think it captures what we strive for in life. It's not just an individual thing. It's not just a matter of excellence or something you've achieved. It's something internal to you, but it's also something that's given to you. It's not just individual, but it has to do with your relationships with others. You know, those moments of grace that we have--grace notes that we have in our lives."

I found the President's take on grace fascinating at the time but what I find even more fascinating today is the interrelationship between gratitude and grace. I believe it's when we're buoyed with gratitude that we have the best shot of moving through life with grace - resisting our negative impulses despite the obstacles we face.

Yes, grace is what we all strive for in life - our destination of sorts - and gratitude is an ingenious compass.

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