05/08/2014 09:46 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2014

Gratitude for Bilinguals

Did you know there's a hidden benefit in being bilingual? Research shows that people who are fluent in two languages are prone to be open-minded.

When my friend, reared on two languages, said she first came across this research, that it made perfect sense to her intuitively. She said when you grow up knowing something like a glass is called by two different names, you know there are always two ways of looking at things.

While a recent Time magazine article spelled out many benefits of knowing more than one language, I think the perk of being open-minded has to be the best.

I find this research intriguing and as I set out to learn French, I'm grateful I can look forward to becoming both fluent and open-minded.

Who knew that studying how to conjugate verbs would induce mind to work overtime and trigger my humanitarian impulses?

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