05/05/2014 10:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gratitude for My Body, Every Cell of It

My body and I have gotten along just fine over the years, mainly because my body has been a silent partner. It hasn't gotten in the way of my doings -- my late night sprints on deadline or my ambitious hikes.

Today when I was prepped for a routine procedure, I realized I was in pretty good health when the nurse rattled off questions about 20 ailments I could have had. She offered up a full range of challenges from diabetes to sleep apnea and everything in-between.

That said, every time I have to go in for routine procedures it reminds me I'm housed in a body and I have to take care of that house. When you're in relatively good health, it's easy to forget the house and let it depreciate.

In fact, my doctor had noticed I had missed several routine procedures and she was quick to alert me to that fact. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that it just wasn't smart to put them off any longer.

I'm grateful for my stern doctor who reminds me that I'm a mere mortal, and that if I don't take good care of my body, chances are good that I will no longer have a silent partner.