05/16/2014 06:06 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Gratitude for the Plant Doctor

My husband teases me that I grow potpourri and he has a point.

While I'm mad about gardens, I have been known to starve them.

The other day I noticed a purple plant of mine that was truly suffering.

I had neglected to water it for two days straight, during a hot spell no less.

I picked up the withered plant that was fighting for its life and took it to my friend. She welcomed the plant and said it could stay with her for a few days to recover.

"All creatures," she told me, "need to be well hydrated, and that includes people AND plants.

I smiled because I just heard about a woman who nearly fainted from dizziness and eventually went to the doctor to find out what was up. The doctor told her all she needed to do was drink water. She was dehydrated.

Silly woman forgot to water herself.

I'm grateful for the plant doctor because she reminds me how important it is to nurture our plants, our people and ourselves.

Have you watered yourself lately?

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