05/08/2014 09:42 am ET Updated Jul 08, 2014


There is a study out that shows more people would rather be the person in the casket than the person giving the eulogy.

Is public speaking really that terrifying?

Frankly, I think there is something more terrifying for most people, although I can't cite a study on it.

I believe more people are terrified of not fulfilling their mission, their grand plan and slipping over to the other side in silence.

To make sure that doesn't happen, we have to listen to those raspy communiques -- our calling coming to find us.

Is your life too noisy to hear the rumblings of your intuition or are you too pragmatic?

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Blink, makes a case for trusting your intuition. He argues that the best decisions are often those that are impossible to explain to others.

The whispers of our intuition, if we pay attention, will take care of everything.

So if you're worried about public speaking and think you'd rather be the person in the casket rather than the person giving the eulogy, think again.

No, don't think.

Just trust your intuition and go after that grand plan of yours.

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