08/19/2014 04:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 1 Minute Blog. Anger in Ferguson, Mo.

2014-08-19-shooting.jpgThe town of Ferguson is on a short fuse.

The world is watching to see what might ignite it.

Whether it's a protester throwing a water bottle, or a policeman spraying tear gas, tensions have escalated, with major confrontations unavoidable.

There is something deeply wrong when a para military police force sees citizens as the enemy. It's equally disturbing to see protesters consider police rogue.

With so much rage, it seems the entire town of Ferguson needs an anger management class.

I wrote about a woman named Madeline, and how she battled rage. She learned the trick is to detonate anger before it can be used as ammunition. This means letting rage run its course in a safe way.

I'm grateful for Madeline's insight, and I believe the people from Ferguson could benefit from it.

There's plenty of rage to go around for the senseless death of 18-year old Michael Brown. But can the people of Ferguson detonate their anger?

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