05/10/2014 10:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Turning Poison into Medicine

This philosophy is gratitude at its best -- taking a struggle and turning it into an amazing win.

The College Bound Bar Company is this kind of victory. After the economic downfall forced us into selling an investment property, my 14-year-old son realized if he wanted a $200,000-plus Stanford University education he was probably going to have to chip in.

Then he had an epiphany. He decided to create a candy bar to pay his college tab entirely, and to help other kids at the same time through a foundation. See the results at - three years of hard work and a total 14 incarnations of the bar.

As a member of the tasting team, I can tell you my son turned poison into something far sweeter than medicine. He turned it into a truly scrumptious bar.

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