06/28/2014 11:20 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

Who Invented the Universe?

A physicist I know calls himself spiritual and says the atomic physicists he knows also consider themselves spiritual.

"They are equally in awe of the universe," he says. "Whoever thought of [the universe] was either really smart or incredibly lucky."

I'm grateful for this conversation because it seems as though science and spirituality have been long-time opponents in the ring.

To have a scientist's take on the mystery of the universe is refreshing. While there's still plenty of curiosity in the mix, science and spirituality no longer seem to be embittered enemies.

The physicist points out that water, for instance, violates so many rules of how materials behave. One example is that ice floats. Materials don't expand when they freeze but water does.

"Where would the fish be if ice sank," he says. "It's brilliant ... every discovery just reveals another perfect solution."

Coincidence? Luck? Or premeditated genius?

"The more you know about the universe, the more in awe you become," he says. "So is that God?"
"I don't know."


"I guess that would be my God."

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