01/11/2014 09:18 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

5 Golden Globe Nominees Spotlighting Important Causes

As the Hollywood awards season begins to rev up, all eyes are front and center on the celebrities who will be strutting their stuff at the Golden Globes. Celebrities receive much critical acclaim for their work on the silver screen, but beyond the glitz and the glamour of showbiz, many of these household names are quietly serving on the sidelines as active philanthropists. Many celebrities are doing far more than just writing a check or turning up at a gala or cocktail party - some of the headlining nominees at this year's Golden Globes are passionate volunteers, advocates, or founders of their own nonprofit organizations. Here are some of the 2014 Golden Globe nominees who are dedicated to causes far away from the lights of Hollywood.

Most Giving Golden Globe Nominees

This season, let's remember to recognize the contributions of these celebrities both on the set and off. Want to know what causes your favorite celebrities support? This post has been about Golden Globe nominees and their causes. You can also browse our full list to find more celebrities and the organizations they support. If even the busiest stars can find the time to stay charitably active between filming, photo shoots, and award can we.