07/08/2011 05:43 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2011

I Think, Therefore It Is

Thoughts affect our reality, manifest in it, direct it. From affecting how the world helps or hinders us, to our own health, we have been seeing how thoughts and reality infuse one into the other. Matter is made up of energy and thought is a form of energy, so it follows that thoughts can manifest in our reality.

But, is this something new? A recently discovered result of the weirdness that is quantum mechanics? Or has this power been around for a lot longer than we think? For millennia religions the world over have been espousing the power of prayer, others the power of meditation. Pray and you will get what you desire, what you need.

Yet in our modern day it is easy to dismiss this as unscientific religious superstition, that what you need is to work harder and save the prayers for Sunday church. But what if those ancient religions really have a point. What if all theology was doing was cloaking the truths of the universe in a form that the sheepherders and tribesmen of a few thousand years ago could understand? How would you explain how stars form, evolution, or quantum mechanics to someone from four thousand years ago? You wouldn't; they'd never understand. You'd simply give an analogy, tell them a parable they would understand and tell them to have faith that what you told them was true. We were a race of dummies being told a story that we could understand.

But now we have science and are just beginning to delve into the reasons behind what theology has been trying to make us understand. We know about quantum mechanics and entanglement, we know that energy and matter are one and the same thing, a simple enough concept for us now but an impossible one for anyone to have grasped a few thousand years ago.

Prayer, or any form of meditation for that matter, is a focus of directed brain waves entering the zero point field, entangled waves sending back exactly what we send out. There are those that think that science and theology are incompatible extremes, but now we can begin to see that Theology is merely the simpler version of universal truths. Prayer and the precepts of theology are merely the tip of the iceberg that the likes of quantum mechanics is beginning to uncover.
As a race, we are more advanced now, better able to handle the complexities behind the simple act of folding your hands together and bowing your head. So let's take another look at this now, see how our thoughts can manifest in our reality, then see what theology has been telling us historically on the subject. We just may find some surprising similarities. Next week how quantum physics enters in and explains how religions ritual can be explained from a scientific perspective.

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