08/09/2011 09:30 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Can a Bad Life Situation Actually be Positive?

The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. All the stress that we feel is caused by arguing with what is.
-- Byron Katie

A nudge is a gentle push or light prod. Sitting idle waiting for something to happen will probably evoke a nudge. Perhaps you are concerned that you will move in the wrong direction or garner from the Universe what you do not want. Do not fear this because moving in the wrong direction will soon deliver a nudge in the right direction.

No one else is creating for you; you are doing the weaving of event after event in your life. Whichever thread you choose to weave into an event is up to you. You may choose the thread of belief, trust and hope -- and embellish it with buttons of positive thoughts. Alternatively, you may choose the weaker threads of lower levels of consciousness, with no trace of faith in the Universe or your own creative powers, and finish it with embroidery of negative thoughts.

As B.F. Skinner says, "A failure is not always a mistake; it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying." Sometimes, you will be compelled to put all your attention on the "un" side of happiness, success or wealth. The key is to keep going. Giving up or staying idle is never an option.

In fact, the opposite extreme of happy events breeds a strong motivation for desire. What could better trigger a deep-seated want for something, anything, than knowing how it feels not to have it? Only after knowing the not having of something can one crave it.

In unhappiness lies the stepping-stone to desired happiness. Do you agree? It is the simplest of underlying laws: When we lack object X, it then becomes our object of desire X. Why did mere lack of X turn into a wanting of X? Enter the concept of contrast, the degree of difference between a thing and its counterpoint.

With contrast, an unhappy event produces the desire for its happy opposite (the highest degree of contrast). Humans are funny in that way. Our desires crop up from anything yet un-manifested. This works hand-in-hand with our creative process. If you did not know any darkness, then how would you understand light? Rather, how would you want to experience light? I suggest one merely relabel bad experiences as contrast. This removes resistance and converts a static event into a dynamic situation. You are taking a position that requires resistance to maintain. With contrast you simply feel the desire for a new objective, realign behavior and place new intention. This causes you to flow in the direction or your new desire vs. standing and fighting or judging. Whatever your intention, that will become your new reality until yet another event. The key to efficient manifestation is to feel, allow and realign. Intention mixed with passion can bring about situations that might be construed as miracles.

An Australian woman gave birth to two babies at the 27th week. The twins were born about nine weeks premature, and the baby boy, Jamie, was declared dead by the doctors on the case while the baby girl, Emily, was delivered successfully. The medical staff attempted to resuscitate the boy, but their attempts failed. The mother was given a last chance to see her boy. She, acting out of sheer desire for her boy to live, started talking to him as if he could respond. She spoke of his little twin sister, his life-to-be at home, how he would grow up. She did this for two whole hours when her desire bloomed what was a sign of life from the baby. She heard him gasp and thought he was alive.

The doctors dismissed the baby's gasp for air as a mere reflex action, but the mother did not budge. She continued to act from her desire and fed him breast milk from her finger. At last, the breathing of the baby became normal, and he was alive!

This is no less than a miracle. The incident shows what lack can create in a situation of contrast. She had been told he was dead; she believed in the present moment that he was alive. Even while there is lack, choosing to focus on what you want to create, rather than giving in to the shambles of lack, can lead to numerous possibilities. The Australian woman believed and affirmed the creative power that humans have. Some call this a miracle, others call it the secret. It all comes from the only point of power we humans can turn to -- the present, the now.

Contrast is therefore not your adversary, if you look at it the right way. It can lead to breakthrough life-situations. All it takes is allowing from your side. Contrast leads to desire, which leads to thoughts, to behavior and manifestation, to even more desire, to increased focus and eventually to more contrast. The greater the focus is in the present, the more efficient this process becomes. The more one makes available now, the easier one manifests.

Where are you in life presently? Are you acting from an ego-driven mind, or are you acting out of complete consciousness? Is lack multiplying itself in your life or is abundance always around the corner in your earthly experiences? Observe your thinking; watch where your thoughts lead. If you want to change things, alter the way you are looking at them. Intend, declare and detach, always remaining open, humble and gracious. You will be the proof.

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