09/04/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

A Simple Request For College Football + Top-5 & Human Highlight Reels

After Alabama absolutely dismantled an eighth-ranked Michigan team that many people thought could compete, after USC led 35-0 at halftime, after Oregon led 50-3 halfway through the second quarter, after LSU ran for 316 yards against North Texas, and West Virginia backed up its Orange Bowl performance by dropping 69 on Marshall, one thing became clear. At this point in the season, the top-five teams are all by themselves. Sorry to everybody else (especially a few loud, whiny Sooners' fans), no one else in the country is close, at least at this point.

So I have one simple request as we move forward with the season, and it is this: Please, please don't let teams play rematches in bowl games, and most importantly, do not let that happen in the BCS National Championship Game.

Last year's BCS title game was the worst ever. No one (except for Alabama fans) was excited about Alabama's selection for the game. And no one enjoyed the actual game (except for Alabama fans). I would have paid good money to watch Oklahoma State versus LSU, but watching a regular-season rematch?


It worked out for Alabama in the end, and they proved that they were good enough to be selected for the game, but at what cost? I have friends all over the country who said the same thing I did: Boring.

Which brings me to the worst BCS title game possibility for this season:

Let's say that every team in the top-10 loses at least one game during the regular season. Maybe a couple of top SEC teams lose two games. On November 3rd, Oregon beats USC in a close game for the Trojans' first loss. Then, in the Pac-12 championship game, USC beats Oregon in another close game, this time for the Ducks' first loss. And for the BCS title game?
USC versus Oregon III.

Sound good to anyone? No. Of course not. Let's see West Virginia versus LSU, or Oregon versus Alabama, or USC versus Alabama. And let's just make it a rule right now. No rematches for the crystal football.

The Top Five At This Point:

1. Alabama - Is anyone gonna argue that now?

2. USC

3. Oregon

4. LSU

5. West Virginia - Now, go ahead and argue.

Three players in "Freak Mode" on Saturday (I guess these guys played, uh...alright?):

1. Marqise Lee, USC - 75 yard catch-and-run touchdown on the first offensive play? 197 yards receiving on 10 catches for the game. Wait, let's not forget about the 100 yard kickoff return. I'm sorry, he must have been playing in a video game.

2. Geno Smith, West Virginia - 32 of 36? Is that for real? That's an 89% completion rate, and not over a small sample size. He literally missed only one in nine attempts (times four). Oh, and what about his 323 yards passing and four touchdowns? Oh, and what about his 65 yards running and another touchdown?

3. De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon - 3 touchdowns on 8 touches in 1.5 quarters of play (Kelly rested Thomas the last 2.5 quarters of the game). And for fans who didn't watch the game, Thomas' non-counting 9th touch was a dazzling 59-yard touchdown run that got called back on a hold that didn't affect the play.