07/01/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2014


Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Intuition is a sense. Just like sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

Because it doesn't reside in an obvious organ, this idea can easily be dismissed.
But who hasn't said "I had a feeling" or "I knew it!"?

And -- like many sayings -- women's intuition is also stronger. It has to be. As child bearers and nurturers -- being able to sense what's "around the corner" or a potential future threat would be a valued and therefore well-developed sense in a female.

It's not to say that men don't have it. In the days before agriculture, I believe men had an extraordinary ability to "hear" nature. To understand weather patterns, animal movements and more. It was essential for survival for both genders to keep their intuition keen.

In man's attempt to survive the unpredictable qualities of nature, the domestication of plants and animals was undertaken. It was a brilliant stroke -- suddenly the dependency on weather and other factors was diminished greatly.

But that was also the first imposition of a "grid." Natural rhythms were disrupted by the ability to "outsmart" the natural world. Males started to lose their intuitive sense because it wasn't as necessary ... becoming almost completely unnecessary over the next few thousand years.

Intuition is an evolutionary advantage. It literally allows you to meet the future faster.

So over this time period, women had the advantage. The only thing men had that could counteract this phenomenon was power.

So how could you thwart intuition? Create a system where it doesn't make sense ... it doesn't work.

For millennia, humans followed the lunar cycle. There were no solar years. Yes there were solar events -- the equinoxes and solstices -- but the days were not the frame -- the moon cycles were -- and the seasons.

So the next grid that would thwart the intuitive sense would be the Gregorian calendar. By pulling humans off of the lunar cycle and natural rhythms the ingredients for a slow, steady march towards our disconnection were in place.

I don't know all the elements that have led to this...but here are a few.

- The printing press. The first form of broadcasting. It separated the story from the storyteller. Some say that this was the beginning of the end. No longer was there the felt experience of a transmission of events from one person to the next. And the ability to discern the truth - through mostly the intuitive process -- was removed from most information transfer.

- The electric light. And electricity in general. The ability to create a falsely lit environment created a loss too complex to imagine. Our circadian rhythms and all that was informed by them in our bodies were lost. And the other aspects of disconnection through electricity are numerous. We are dying a slow spiritual death of convenience.

- Standard time. It's surprising to learn how upset people were when this was implemented. No longer was it "time to eat" "time to get up" was a number -- an externalized measurement. The sun in the sky no longer informed us of what time it was.

- And then finally - and throughout this process -- feelings were diminished. Especially in men. This acculturated them to more disconnection violence.

These are all grids of dominion over a dynamic world. And we are feeling soul sickness because of it. The violence we experience throughout culture exists because we are literally crashing against boundaries of our own creation. An inept form of education, a complete lack of equality in nearly every sector of society, literal and figurative wars against ... terror, cancer, drugs, poverty.

I don't have a clear way out. But I know we have to feel our way. We've been blinded by science in its myriad forms.