12/26/2011 03:18 am ET Updated Feb 24, 2012

Mini American Comfort Foods Transform The Ordinary Wedding Menu Into An Extraordinary Party

When you're dressed in black tie it may seem horrifying to serve hot dogs and French fries, but while their normal size is decidedly inappropriate for such occasions, their miniaturized versions are fabulously stylish and infinitely delicious.

Serving your favorite iconic American foods at your wedding reception is like having the orchestra only play America's Greatest Pop Songs of All Time: everyone recognizes them and is immediately put at ease. And when your wedding guest list ranges from toddlers to grandparents with palettes that run from simpler tastes to gourmet foodie; offering mini comfort foods like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti and meatballs makes everyone happy. But let's not forget the power of reinvention and imagination. Fancy favorites like Pheasant Under Glass and Potted Shrimp don't escape the shrinking ray gun!

Peter Callahan