10/23/2014 11:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Evidence of Abundance #15: Digital Photography Explosion

Cavan Images via Getty Images

This week's evidence of abundance shows another exciting data explosion due to increasingly affordable technology: photography.

Remember when vacation photos meant toting along a bulky camera?

And that expensive camera required film, with a finite number of images that you could capture on each roll.

Every shutter click mattered, because every roll of film cost money to get developed at the camera store.

If your prized film cartridges got ruined before you were able to get them developed, well, tough luck, and you still paid for the images!

Today, the smartphone in your pocket has a high-quality digital camera. Everyone -- not just artists -- is a photographer, and the explosion of photos taken annually proves it.

Because it's free, easy to use, and high-quality, photography is now a fixture in our daily lives -- something we take for granted.

If you look at the mountain of evidence, everything we consider scarce now will soon be abundant. Photography is just one more example to add to the ever-growing pile.

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