11/20/2012 07:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hidden Gems: Architecture In Wisconsin's Tribal Nations

When people think of Native American buildings, they might think teepees or other temporary structures, but in Wisconsin native structures were always more sophisticated and designed to last.

And the best part is, these structures can be found throughout Wisconsin and open the door to understanding how tribes like the Ho-Chunk, the Menominee and the Oneida used to live.

Come along with me as I visit these traditional structures, like the Oneida Longhouse, that are still standing after centuries. The culture also comes alive from Waswagoning, a recreation of a traditional Ojibwe village at Lac du Flambeau, where you can get a hands-on lesson in how the Ojibwe live.

Peter visits the original structures of Wisconsin's 11 tribal nations to experience the hidden gems of architecture, craftsmanship and culture.