03/20/2012 10:43 am ET Updated May 20, 2012

Street Photography from Stockholm (PHOTOS)

Years ago, I'd go to the local library to browse through all the photographic literature I could find. My favorite was a big, heavy book about the famous Magnum photographers and their work capturing life as it was -- and is.

I was facinated by how photographs of misery, conflicts and war or even the simplest of subjects could be transformed into an image of beauty. How the photographers managed to fill one single frame with sorrow, horror and pain and still be able to pull out beauty at the same time. The effect was almost one of guilt at the contradictory emotions bubbling up inside of me. I mean, who thinks war looks beautiful?! Nobody, of course, but what I mean is that a photograph can be beautiful because of the composition and the emotions it triggers, no matter what the subject is.

I've always enjoyed photography with a meaning. The storytelling...

Unfortunately -- or maybe I should say fortunately -- I live in Sweden. We have no poverty in the sense that people live without food or a roof over their heads. We haven't experienced war in a long time. Our social system covers everyone in need. We have no real injustice. We don't have guns and I feel like crime is under control. And we think well of everyone. We feel sorry for the ones in need outside our country, and we help everyone we can. We are kind of the ones who carry the conscience of the world on our shoulders without really understanding why. We live in a bubble of bliss.

Because there aren't any real gut-wrenching issues to cover here, and I can't afford to travel the world once a month in the chase for exciting storytelling with my camera, I'm pretty much referred to my own backyard, Stockholm City.

Stockholm Streets

I just love capturing life as it is with my camera. And sometimes, with luck and a keen eye, I can capture life and maybe even make it look more interesting, beautiful and artistic.

To photograph people is exciting because you never ever know what is going to happen. And you can never duplicate a moment with people in frame. No one can go back and do it again as they can do if I shot a pier for example. Not knowing is the thrill of it all.

As this is my first entry, I will in time cover different aspects of street photography, cityscapes and another passion of mine, long exposure photography. And If you like, you can tag along and explore the streets and surroundings of Stockholm with me as I will post my work continuously as time goes by.