08/31/2005 06:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bright Spots

Since everyone takes daily shots at the New York Times and I love the New York Times... Vincent LaForet's helicopter photo on Page A11 is one of the greatest shots in the history of photojournalism. In fact, the Times' photography is consistently brilliant.


Notice how no media pointed out the amazing training of and performance by the Israeli soldiers in the Gaza pull-out? If something really went badly, which seemed likely, the backlash would have been massive. But since it went well, nothing.


Notice how the only Israeli settlers who reacted with extreme emotion and resentment -- or burned themselves to death -- were former Americans and former Russians? Israel always needed more citizens but the immigrants who show up are orthodox fanatics, many of whom don't join the army, don't work and collect state subsidies while reading the talmud.

Is there any way to get people to stop believing in God?