07/18/2013 04:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conclusion: A Parting of Ways, But Not the End of a Journey

We've made it! Take a second and review what you've accomplished along the way, referring to our very first interaction as I outlined the five basic steps to make it happen and transform your idea into a result . You have:

  1. Learned to package your idea into an offer.
  2. Adequately positioned your offer so that it aligns to a market need.
  3. Mastered how to appeal to the market to render greater influence.
  4. Maximized your returns and accelerated your success.
  5. Ultimately decided how to best reinvent moving forward to have more impact.

I hope that the process has been productive, enjoyable, and ultimately insightful for you. I have to admit - it certainly has been for me!

While entering this endeavor as an educator to help visionaries execute and find success in their respective ventures - in business, the social sector, and beyond - I have opened myself up to be educated as well along the way. I began to wonder how this entrepreneurial spirit scaled beyond individuals and created success for larger organizations.

During this series, I have been simultaneously conducting research on how hugely impactful companies have leveraged their knowledge, expertise, and nimble thought leadership ventures to accelerate their influence in the marketplace. I'm hoping to share my insights with all of you in another publication next year. You may have turned your idea into an offer so powerful that you are running a large scale company by that point, so stay tuned and we can walk the next leg of your journey together.

In the Meanwhile

Thank you for engaging with the series over this last 6 months. We have come to the end of our video journey, and I encourage you to watch and enjoy this final message of inspiration. Relish its challenge. And remember, the world will be a poorer place without your executed idea.

I would love to hear of your ongoing success following this, so please feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. To keep tabs on what I'm up to, be sure to check out the ChangeLabs website, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Take care, and good luck on whatever comes next in your journey!

Conclusion - Making It Happen from Peter Sheahan on Vimeo.

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