12/14/2010 05:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

7 Books That'll Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

I run Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations -- a site of 400+ themed lists of book recommendations -- so a lot of my friends and family come to me this time of year looking for gift recommendations.

The seven books below are books that, in my opinion, are thoroughly both Flashlight Worthy and gift worthy. I've personally read every single one of them and they all kept me up way past bedtime. And besides being so good, they're all either brand new or a bit older but utterly obscure (and deserving of some attention) -- so they all make great gifts. Enough of my prattle. Onto the books:


That's it. I'm confident that among these 7 books is the perfect gift for that special someone (except for kids -- there's not much here for kids, but I have plenty of great children's books recommendations on the site). If you're still puzzled as to what to get someone, I encourage you to explore the 400+ book lists on my site -- you'll turn up dozens of great ideas there. Happy holidays!